Yuri Gagarin

09 Nov

His voice crackled, shone, and blazed ahead of him through the empty dark…words coming from space…words that cut and bent round those planets between him and the woman he loved back on Earth…‘Darling, it’s been so long…it’s been the best…space is remarkable…it’s deep and black and yet so full of splendor and creation…can you hear me…?’ But of course she cannot hear him, he is still three light-years away, and his words are catching fire as they speed past the ‘F’ ring of Saturn and out into the solar system. ‘I miss you…I’m coming home…I’m coming back to you, darling, to write the very best work I’ve ever done…to finally be home…I’ve worked it out…I’ve worked out the whole mystery of the universe…it’s so magical…and I know now why the Earth is the most beautiful planet of all planets…it is so simple once you’ve been out here…human tears…oh my God, mankind’s tears…that’s why…soaking into the earth and making it unbelievably beautiful….can you hear me… can you understand what I’m telling you….I’m coming home…will you be there…will you?’ And those words flew and sparked and spread out across the dark of space…echoing past Neptune and bouncing off Mars searching for the woman back on earth and resisting meteors and magnet fields…scorching their way home…across space…a white flare…words catching hold of Haley’s comet and holding on…words that said ‘I love you’ and they singed and seared ahead of him….and on earth a woman works at her work…being so beautiful…and those words were travelling toward her at light-speed…to enter her heart…to touch her… tell her a man is coming…but he’s lost and the darkness of space holds him… only his words flashing brightly prove he exists…and is coming. A man made up of fragmented words, static words, caught up in God’s throat before being spit out into the heavens to complete their message…but when the message arrived, it simply said, “I love   you. I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.”

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2 responses to “Yuri Gagarin

  1. lifelessons

    November 9, 2014 at 6:15 pm

    A very original response to the prompt. I enjoyed your post. Judy


  2. kellyshaw2001

    November 9, 2014 at 9:48 pm

    You’re most gracious, thank you.



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