A Cockney born living in Mendocino!

13 Nov

Prompt: Ten minute free write.

Ten minutes of writing…ah, simply done, but first I must take my ol’ duchess a cup of Rosy Lee in bed, up the apple and pears, before I ‘ave a jimmy riddle, and make my call back ‘ome on the dog and bone. Got myself a stormin’ ‘eadache goin’ on in the ol’ loaf and bread, me own fault, got Brahms and Liszt last night.  ‘mericas a funny ol’ place, cold tea, iced, can yer imagine!

Them neighours we ‘ave, what a pen and ink comes outta that ‘ouse! Must eat Ruby Murray every night. But then my ol’ dutch finks its some weird plant, medical, she says, what the ‘ell, I sez, stickin’ out me ol’ salmon and trout! Ok, so I better stop the rabbiting and get me in my ball and chalk, before I gets to ‘ear the next darby and joan coming down them apples and pears…ten minutes, ah well, I’ll be letting you folks have a butcher’s hook at it while I get myself into them daisy roots!

cockney slang


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2 responses to “A Cockney born living in Mendocino!

  1. angloswiss

    November 13, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    Just a minite mate. I ain’t even going to start talking cockney ‘ere. I mean I grew up wiv it, but in good old Befnal Green in East London we were all bilingual. Didn’t use so much rhyming slang, although I often went down the apples and pears to take a walk up the frog and toad and me dad was always looking for ‘is bins to take a dekker at the black and white. I ain’t the only cockney living in Switzerland, we’re everywhere, dotted all over the place. Even met a couple on the way, but none of ’em from Befnal Green. Any’ow, nice to read a bit of the old cockney ‘ere, warms the cockles of me ‘eart.

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  2. kellyshaw2001

    November 13, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    O gawd! Really, princess. Lubbly Jubbly…blabbin about me bins is all I do, where the rubba-duck did I put them this time! Bleedin’ell! I tell yer luv, they found me on a roundabout in Gants Hill, Essex, brought me up in an orphange on Bow Road till I was eight. Got adopted into a Scottish fishing family. Most of the boys in the orphanage were born in the East End. Be golden. Kelly



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