The Academic Hermit

13 Nov

I have not come to my computer to say anything new, or to say much that has not been said before using different words. I seldom have much to do with academics, tutors, or even people who are in leadership roles. I’m a sailor. It must, however, always be borne in mind that character and integrity count in the market-place more than brilliance. My father taught me many things, how to tie a knot, sew a lobster pot, but more he taught me that a man should possess both capacity and character, and who having chosen a path, stick to his plan undeviatingly. Such a man will meet much that he will not like, even appear to him at the end of his days that the fruits of his exertions are to be no more than material acquisitions. My father was not a wise man, just a man of quality. He believed the most enjoyable course of his life was in its development. It is always the case that people can readily be helpful to each other. He lived that. Personally I have no longer the good fortune of many years to look forward to, but do have the better perspective of many to look back on. Without knowledge of great literary works, he found joy in writing poetry. ‘Bad poetry’ he would say. I never met another man I thought could aspire to the singleness of his life’s purpose. His family. His crew. The plan he put in place for himself was not an easy one, it was, in fact, his passion for excellence. He taught me one over-riding thing about life; that the real test of highest success lies in one’s deepest sense of humility.

This is what I will say in conclusion: to form a judgment based wholly on your own rules is the humor of the academic. ( Francis Bacon)


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